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" Xpress Information is a member of the Direct
Marketing Association of South Africa. "

As a member of the Direct Marketing Association, Xpress Information is fully committed to the code of ethics and self regulation principles laid down by the association.

Members of our team have played an active role in formulating the code of practice on database management embraced by this body and we will continue to engage in its development. Maintaining relationships with key players in the industry is vital to our success and ongoing sustainability.

All our data lists are de-duped against the DMA “Do not contact” list before they are dispatched, to ensure those consumers who have clearly indicated that they would prefer not to be marketed to, have their wishes honoured.

The DMA requires that data exchange of consumer information comply
with the following principles:

Provide origin/source of all data.
Prove data has been de-duped against DMA National Opt Out Register.
Have internal “do not contact” list.
Prove data is stored securely, and cannot be removed from site by unauthorized personnel.
Comprehensive audit tools that trace the usage of the data.
Client queries process within acceptable timeframes.
All data supplied with service contract.
Sign commitment to all legislative frameworks as stipulated in CPB, PPI and general law.

Xi makes every effort to ensure that our operations comply with the
Legislative frameworks governing consumer data exchange:

Consumer Protection Bill
Protection of Personal Information Bill DMASA Website
DMA Code of Ethics

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